Even 19 Years Later, Courteney Cox Still Keeps On Giving Monica

Even 19 Years Later, Courteney Cox Still Keeps On Giving Monica
Image credit: Warner Bros. Television

That’s what you call a deep connection to the character.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that actors don't actually take something from the characters they play into their real lives.

The longer you are someone on screen, the more tempting it must be to use that new personality in real life, right? At least that's the assumption, regardless of the truth.

While some try to deny the accusations, others have given up and accepted the fact that they'll always be perceived as the people they played, no matter how many years have passed since the series ende.

Courtney Cox, for example, is not afraid to make fun of it and share a few good laughs with her fans on Instagram.

Recently, the actress posted a reel in which she responded to a fan comment about her resemblance to Monica Geller. And while technically all the actress said was explaining why that was completely false, fans beg to differ, as her actions really spoke before she even got a chance.

Cox stopped herself mid-sentence to put the phone down and explain to her friend Laura Dern how to put the toiletries in the right order. How very Monica of her!

The bit was purely comedic, of course, although it may have left Dern in a state of shock for a while. Fans, on the other hand, were very happy to see the actress still connected to her acting roots.

After all, there is a reason why Cox chose the role of Monica over that of star Rachel Green, despite being asked to play her at the beginning.

At the time, the actress explained that something in Monica just resonated with her and grabbed her attention more, but now it's very fair to assume that the actress just noticed more similarities and thought of an easier connection.

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