Even Mind-Wipe Won't Stop Zendaya's MJ From Returning in Spider-Man 4

Even Mind-Wipe Won't Stop Zendaya's MJ From Returning in Spider-Man 4
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The MCU leaker confirms Zendaya will star in Spider-Man 4.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has become a box-office hit. Largely, such a success is owing to multiple cameos that made millions of Spider-Man fans' hearts melt. All the guest stars, a twisted plot, and brilliant acting made the movie one of the fan favorites.

However, the characters of Spider-Man 3 didn't seem to enjoy the events of the movie as much as the viewers. Peter Parker and his friends encountered some hard-to-solve problems which led to the heart-rending ending.

The only way to stop Doctor Strange 's spell gone wrong was to perform another spell that would make everyone forget the real identity of Spider-Man. Even Peter's girlfriend MJ and best friend Ned forgot who he was, as a heartbreaking scene at the coffee shop showed. Peter was standing there unrecognized by his closest friends and slowly realizing that he had to walk away in order to protect the people he loved. Tragic.

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Peter's story seemed to have started from scratch with him becoming a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man whose identity is unknown to anyone. However, since the movie came out, the rumors had it MJ was not done and Zendaya would appear in Spider-Man 4 meaning Peter's great love affair would continue.

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Recently, the rumors were confirmed by a credible MCU leaker on Twitter @Culture_Spider:

"Ember report: I can confirm that Zendaya WILL return."

If these words hold any truth to them, PeterMJ fans can rest easy. Spider-Man 4 will probably show how MJ and Ned (his return has not been confirmed yet) uncover Spider-Man's identity again or somehow remember Peter. Latter is more plausible as the final cut script of No Way Home published by Deadline had two lines hinting at MJ starting to remember Peter in the coffee shop scene.

"A flicker of déjà vu on her face, then, recovering," a script has after Peter quotes MJ's old phrase.

And then when Peter decides to let his friends live their new life without him and leaves the coffee shop, the screenplay reads:

"HOLD ON MJ, watching Peter go with a lingering sense of... recognition?"

These lines and the fact that in the scene MJ was wearing a necklace Peter gave her in the second part of the franchise could mean that one of the beloved MCU pairings is not done yet and there is a way to recover MJ's memory.