Even Sydney Sweeney Can’t Save Her New Horror: First Immaculate Reviews Are In

Even Sydney Sweeney Can’t Save Her New Horror: First Immaculate Reviews Are In
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For the new movie it is quite easy to balance between being one of the best horror films and something mediocre.


  • Immaculate starring Sydney Sweeney is now in theaters and not everyone is that enthusiastic about the new horror movie.
  • Despite being praised before the release, Immaculate’s lack of a good script and characters’ originality outweigh Sweeney’s outstanding performance.
  • The film can nonetheless be good at cinematography, but still brings nothing new to the world of horror movies.

Jordan Ruimy is one of the first people to deliver his honest opinion about Sydney Sweeney’s new hyped horror movie Immaculate. Ruimy runs his own cinema-related website World of Reel which now has a review of the film — in case someone still has second thoughts whether it’s worth their watching or not.

To put it short — Immaculate doesn’t live up to everyone’s grand expectations. As Ruimy writes, the script is not that good at all, the scenes are quite trivial, even the scare stunts are not that impressive (nor scary).

Though the journalist highlights Sydney Sweeney’s leading role and praises her strong performance, even great acting doesn’t save the film from being nothing extraordinary and even similar to some previous horror films.

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The plot doesn’t seem to be something very original either — a young nun Cecilia, played by Sweeney, leaves for an Italian church where she somehow gets pregnant, despite being a virgin, thus making other nuns in the convent think she’s bringing a resurrection of Christ to the world.

According to Ruimy, even other characters are not giving anything new — for example, the mother superior, portrayed by Dora Romano, has some dark secrets she’s desperate to keep from everyone else’s ears (another “I think I’ve seen this film before” feeling).

Though not everything is that bad, as Ruimy recalls — like the cinematography capturing picturesque Italian landscapes that surround the convent, as well long church halls that do create some eerie atmosphere. Sad, but even beautiful shots seem to have fallen victim to the bad script.

Overall, for those who are still deciding if Immaculate is worth the shot — according to Ruimy, everything is about style and nothing is about the meaning. It’s all up to you now.

Source: World Of Reel