Every Dirty Little Secret the Oscars Didn't Tell You

Every Dirty Little Secret the Oscars Didn't Tell You
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The Academy Awards are considered Hollywood's biggest night for a reason but not everything about the ceremony is as glamorous as one might think.

Unless you are a nominee (in which case you get two free tickets), tickets to the Oscars reportedly cost between $150 and $1,000, depending on where the seat is located.

Imagine Brad Pitt getting frustrated because he did not get nominated this year and did not make it in time to buy a front-row seat?

If you think that the audience is all celebrities, you will be disappointed. Some are just seat fillers (a real job, by the way!) who have to sign NDAs and are not allowed to talk to anyone unless they are spoken to.

Sounds harsh but how do you apply? Asking for a friend.

The night before the ceremony is the dress rehearsal. All the performers, presenters, and hosts have to be there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

There are even fake envelopes with the winners' names, plastic statuettes, and stand-in winners! You would think that after all that planning and rehearsing they would have cut Chris Rock 's joke or at least foreseen the reaction to it, right?

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The Vanity Fair Oscar Party is the afterparty of the year, with tickets reportedly ranging from $25,000 to $105,000. Still saving up, do not wait up for us…

All 25 nominees in the top categories receive a six-figure gift bag. It can be just about anything – from a certificate for a liposuction treatment or hair restoration services to a luxurious stay at a Scottish castle or even a plot of land.

We do not know about you but we would be kind of offended to receive a bag that basically says, "Go get your bald spot covered."

The 95th Academy Awards have just concluded – without any incident, that is. This year's Oscars have set some new records and witnessed its fair share of cringeworthy moments.

Whatever the future holds for the Academy Awards, we just hope that more industry professionals will be recognized for their great work! This is the only thing that counts in the long run, isn't it?