Every Major DC Character Featured In 'Black Adam' Trailer, Explained

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The trailer for the next big DCEU blockbuster was recently released, and some new fans of the franchise failed to recognize a number of characters in it.

Dwayne Johnson will finally debut as a powerful antihero this year, appearing as Black Adam along with some of the most beloved but underappreciated DC superheroes. As the trailer suggests, Adam will likely work alongside the Justice Society of America, the first superhero team to appear in comic books. Despite the venerable age of this team, most of the heroes are virtually unknown to modern audiences, and the upcoming film will undoubtedly change this situation.

Here's every major DC character featured in the trailer, explained:

Hawkman / Carter Hall

Ancient Egyptian superheroes seem to be becoming something of a trend: the MCU's Moon Knight, and now Carter Hall's long-awaited debut in the DCEU. Hall was an archaeologist, damned by an ancient curse of the endless cycle of death and rebirth, which also endowed him with tremendous powers, including the ability to fly with his golden metal wings, as well as immense strength and superior intelligence. The character himself was first introduced in the original comics back in the 1940s, and his origin story was quite different then, but given Adam's own Egyptian origins, fans are more than confident that DC will adapt the aforementioned approach to Hawkman.

The character will be played by Aldis Hodge, star of 'The Invisible Man', and his costume for the film has already been praised for its ingenuous use of practical effects instead of CGI.

Doctor Fate / Kent Nelson

One of DC's most intelligent heroes will finally appear on the silver screen, as the mighty sorcerer Doctor Fate recently revealed his canonical blue-gold costume in the 'Black Adam' trailer. The Swedish-American founder of JSA, Fate is also linked to an ancient deity, in his case the Mesopotamian god Nabu, who takes young Kent as his apprentice after the boy unwittingly kills his father. Carefully trained under Nabu's control, Nelson eventually becomes Dr. Fate, DC's answer to Marvel's Doctor Strange.

The wizard will be played by Pierce Brosnan, and he will assume the role of a wise old man who tries to teach Adam how to live in the modern world. But given Dr. Fate's storylines in the original comics, the gray-haired man may not be so nice and kind after all.

Atom Smasher

The obscure but extremely powerful Atom Smasher is also thrown into the mix, and this massive superhero is sure to wreak some havoc on his opponents. Thanks to an inherited genetic mutation, Smasher has gained the ability to transform his body to whatever size he likes, while multiplying his strength and toughness. In the original comics, Atom Smasher and Black Adam were first adversaries and then became close friends, so the dynamics between them will be very interesting to watch in the upcoming movie.

The masked, Deadpool-like superhero will be played by Noah Centineo, star of teenage romantic film 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before'.


And finally, Cyclone herself. The granddaughter of the iconic Red Tornado only appeared in the comics in 2008, but her curious ability to control wind and sound waves made her a force to be reckoned with. Although the superheroine did not appear in the trailer, being shown only as a green blur for a couple of seconds, fans have already studied her costume thanks to official images and were quite unhappy with the design, comparing it to The CW in quality.

Quintessa Swindell will take on the role of the flying hero, trying to further cement her success after the HBO's 'Euphoria'.

'Black Adam' will lend in theatres on October 21, 2022.

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