Executive Producer Sarah Schechter Reveals The Key For Riverdale’s Longevity

Executive Producer Sarah Schechter Reveals The Key For Riverdale’s Longevity
Image credit: The CW

In the world where teen dramas don’t get renewed for a second season, Riverdale was truly special.

Many fans are feeling extremely devastated today as they say goodbye to their favorite teen drama, Riverdale, which just ended on The CW. While some believe that the network's new direction will produce more quality content to enjoy, others are mentally preparing for the end of an era.

No matter how you feel about Riverdale, you have to admit how popular the show was and how much buzz it managed to create around it for so many years. Season after season, the show's production team has managed to find ways to both keep the true fans hooked and provoke the general public.

So much so that longtime viewers never felt the need to tune out, even if they didn't particularly like what was happening on screen, and those who had only heard of Riverdale were too curious not to check it out at least once.

While speaking with Deadline, the show's executive producer, Sarah Schechter, opened up about her views on Riverdale's longevity:

“I just think that what we…were able to do to assemble this incredible cast from day one just gave the show a raison d’etre for a really long time. <...>The writers did such a brilliant job of continuing to expand the lens and tell fresh stories. And I think that also really helps give the show a longevity,” she explained.

Schechter also nods to Peter Roth at Warner Bros. and Mark Pedowitz at The CW, as well as writer/producer Greg Berlanti, all of whom have been very supportive of Riverdale through turbulent times.

While today's relationships between creators and studios have been strained by contract disagreements, it goes to show how well-coordinated work can be of great benefit to any project. Now, we can only hope to see this kind of unity again on another set when the WGA and SAG AFTRA strikes are resolved.

If you didn't catch the Riverdale finale that aired this Wednesday on The CW, you can still enjoy it by streaming the show on Netflix.

Source: Deadline