Exorcist: Believer and 6 More 2023 Movies Releasing This Week on Netflix, Prime, Hulu

Exorcist: Believer and 6 More 2023 Movies Releasing This Week on Netflix, Prime, Hulu
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures

This week's most notable full-length releases.

With the end of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, we immediately saw the TV and movie industry come back to life. November alone saw the release of a huge number of new TV series and movies, and now it can be difficult to navigate through the endless stream of content and find something to watch that is truly worth your time.

We come to the rescue by sorting through the upcoming premieres. Family and holiday comedies, gripping horror and drama, and the addition of a controversial sequel to a famous movie franchise on Disney+. It's time to re-subscribe to your favorite streaming services for the upcoming month, folks, if you don't have automatic payment turned on, because this week promises to be incredibly rich in intriguing full-length releases.

7. Family Switch

Premiere date: November 30

Available on: Netflix

Our list kicks off with Family Switch, a family comedy from The Babysitter creator Joseph McGinty Nichol, aka McG. The plot will play on the familiar trope of body-swapping, but the intriguing twist is that parents will switch bodies with their children, and each of them will have to personally relive their loved one's experiences. Family Switch features established and rising stars Jennifer Garner, Ed Helms, Emma Myers and Brady Noon.

6. Candy Cane Lane

Premiere date: December 1

Available on: Prime Video

Next up is another comedy with an equally star-studded cast that includes such comedy colossi as Eddie Murphy, Tracee Ellis Ross, Nick Offerman, Ken Marino and Jillian Bell. Candy Cane Lane is a Christmas movie in which Murphy's character is forced to make a deal with an evil elf to make his house the most festive on the block.

5. The Exorcist: Believer

Premiere date: December 1

Available on: Peacock

A little less than two months ago, the next installment of the Exorcist horror franchise was released in American theaters, a direct sequel to the 1973 original. As part of the plot, the father of daughters who disappeared in the woods and mysteriously returned as if nothing had happened is forced to contact Chris MacNeil (the role is reprised by Ellen Burstyn), who had a similar experience in the original film.

4. May December

Premiere date: December 1

Available on: Netflix

Todd Haynes delivers a new black comedy-drama starring Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore and Charles Melton, loosely based on the scandalous affair between Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau. According to the plot, a famous actress comes to the family to play the controversial woman and study her life and psyche.

3. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Premiere date: December 1

Available on: Disney+

The latest instalment in the legendary adventure franchise, starring Harrison Ford in his iconic role as Indy for the final time, will be available to stream in just a few days. Despite mixed reviews and box office failure, the film will be a great option for Disney+ subscribers.

2. It's a Wonderful Knife

Premiere date: December 1

Available on: Shudder

What could be better than Christmas comedies? Christmas slashers! An interpretation of the classic 1946 supernatural drama It's a Wonderful Life, the film offers viewers a glimpse of the gruesome consequences that would befall a small town if the protagonist wished he had never been born and a serial killer returned to town.

1. Ladies of the '80s: A Divas Christmas

Premiere date: December 2

Available on: Lifetime

Rounding out the list is the campiest comedy, Ladies of the '80s. Five glamorous stars of the once-popular 1980s soap opera (played by real-life stars of sitcoms and dramas from the '70s and '80s) reunite to film the final Christmas episode.