Fan Theory Based on Vecna Designs Explains 'Stranger Things' S1 Mystery

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Vecna already looks like a thing of nightmares, but, according to early concepts, the showrunners could have done so much worse.

Michael Maher Jr., a VFX artist behind 'Stranger Things', has shared some of the early concept arts for Vecna, this season's main villain. If you thought that the final version of Jamie Campbell Bower's monster was terrifying enough, you might want to give the early designs a look.

Despite looking like an actual nightmare (in a good way), the designs turned out to be thought-provoking for many people. For instance, many fans were quick to suggest that maybe the creature who kidnapped Will Byers in season 1 was in fact Vecna, but in his early form.

This is not the first time when fans get hyped up on the idea that Will might know a lot more about Vecna than we initially thought. Over the seasons, he seemed to have been involved with pretty much everything coming from the Upside Down, up to a point when he became "possessed" by the Mind Flayer.

Besides, signs of Vecna's presence – like the sinister clock sound – have also emerged over the course of 'Stranger Things' way before Henry Creel's disfigured alter-ego was made official.

Now, early concepts of Vecna do resemble the thing we've already seen in season 1, but it's still unknown when the early designs were first presented to the Duffer brothers.

Maher Jr. has offered a unique sneak-peak at Vecna's possible looks, with some of them looking dramatically different to what we saw in season 4. However, it seems that the final choice made by the Duffer brothers was just what the show needed.

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