Fan Theory Rendered Supernatural Finale Meaningless in Just 2 Sentences

Fan Theory Rendered Supernatural Finale Meaningless in Just 2 Sentences
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This particular Dean Winchester death was just as reversible as all the previous ones.

There have been plenty of Supernatural finale complaints since the final episode of season 15 aired on The CW, but it turns out there was also a very mundane way to save Dean Winchester from his otherwise "tragic" death.

In episode 20 of season 15, which also concluded the iconic monster-hunting series, one of the main characters, Dean, dies during a regular hunt.

This happens despite the fact that this man has survived demons, vampires, leviathans, as well as actual hell and purgatory. However, a stake through the heart kills him in what appears to be a mere accident; surprisingly, Jared Padalecki 's Sam Winchester does nothing but say goodbye, even though he, of all people, should have known what to do.

As spotted by Twitter user dwdeservesalife, the way to save Dean from death was so obvious that it actually makes 15x20 one of "the dumbest" episodes ever.

"Sam didn't even need to call an ambulance. He just needed to turn Dean into a vampire (he had their blood there) and then cure him before he fed on anyone," the fan said.

This is not even a fan theory, but something that has actually happened on Supernatural. Back in season 6, Sam did exactly that when Dean briefly turned into a vampire. Eight seasons later, however, Sam seems to have forgotten - conveniently enough to allow Dean to be killed and then reunited with him in heaven many years later.

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Sure, the show needed a finale, but the fact that basic knowledge of previous seasons effectively kills any drama really adds fuel to the fire of fan outrage that the final episode ignited when it aired in 2020.

Among other things, fans complained about how the finale turned Chuck into a villain and killed off Castiel, while also dashing any hope of closure for the Destiel shippers.

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Supernatural aired on The CW from 2005 to 2020, with the show's legacy continuing in the prequel about the siblings' parents, The Winchesters. It airs on Tuesdays on the same network, with the first season set to consist of 13 episodes.