Fandom Goes Crazy About Dream and Calliope Chemistry in 'The Sandman' Bonus Ep

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New pairing alert, everyone!

Warning: the following episode contains spoilers for 'The Sandman' special episode

How about a little Friday surprise, Sandman fans? That appears to be Netflix's motto as it suddenly dropped a two-part special episode for 'The Sandman', titled 'Dream of a Thousand Cats/Calliope'.

First of all – wow. Just when we all were plunged into that special kind of depression that accompanies every hiatus of your favorite show, we receive such a gift – an adaptation of some of the most iconic comic arcs that fans dreamed about. Secondly… there seems to be an all-new character that stole everyone's hearts.

We're talking about Calliope, portrayed by Melissanthi Mahut – one of the Greek muses and Dream's former lover. Although the word "former" here clearly falls into doubt given that the two share "insane" chemistry – at least according to fans.

People immediately flocked to Twitter to celebrate the new pairing, ready to make Morpheus and Calliope "[their] entire personality". And honestly, who's to blame them?

"Okay Dream needs to step back from people while talking fr. Every time he's in a conversation it looks like he's one second from making out with someone while also looking sad and grungy I can't take it anymore." – /edsbruh

Another part of the special episode is a true delight for audiobook fans. All animated, it has James McAvoy voicing Morpheus, as well as Michael Sheen as Lucifer (who is played by Gwendoline Christie in the Netflix adaptation), and David Tennant voicing Loki.

The first season of 'The Sandman' enjoyed worldwide success. However, Netflix is yet to renew the series for another season, even though author Neil Gaiman is already full of ideas.

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