Fans Accuse 'Riverdale's Cheryl of Ripping Off This MCU Heroine

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And other accusations you probably didn't expect in this fandom.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Riverdale' season 6 finale

Time travel and superpowers have always sounded more like a Marvel thing rather than something you might see in 'Riverdale' – maybe that's why, when the latter tries to flirt with these concepts, it looks like a rip-off.

A lot of fans have accused 'Riverdale' of simply trying to copy Marvel's Scarlet Witch when portraying Cheryl and her superpowers.

The resemblance is certainly striking: not only does Cheryl levitate and rock a red outfit that looks like something straight out of Wanda Maximoff's wardrobe, but she also displays the powers that are extremely similar to those Scarlet Witch has.

Many fans were baffled by how 'Riverdale' has become a superhero extravaganza after starting off as a camp teen show about a murder mystery. Judging from the amount of skepticism towards Cheryl's take on Scarlet Witch, it seems that many people would have preferred for things to scale back to what they were.

Cheryl's superhero performance is being blasted online as a "dollar tree" stunt, with an apparent jab at The CW and its budgets that are significantly less impressive than those enjoyed by Marvel.

In the bombshell yet questionable finale, Riverdale is saved by Cheryl from a comet, but the latter has prompted a reset in the universe that plunged the city back into the 1950s. The consequences are to be explored in season 7, but its release date is yet to be scheduled.

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