Fans Already Hate One Thing About Madame Web

Fans Already Hate One Thing About Madame Web
Image credit: Legion-Media

Aside from the fact that it is a yet another Sony's attempt to push forward its Spider-Man-related universe.

Sony's Madame Web has been a hot topic ever since first photos from the set emerged on social media — but in many cases, it is not exactly the PR the movie might have aimed for.

It turns out that there is already one thing people hate about the upcoming Dakota Johnson- led movie — costumes.

What appeared to really irk fans was a handful of photos that show Sydney Sweeney on Madame Web set, rocking an outfit that many have already dubbed "a choice", as well as a red wig that simply does not seem to work for her.

"Did Sony manage to outdo DC on the terrible wigs or is it on par with them?" Twitter user andrew_forbes wondered.

"I know this is supposed to be set in the early 2000s but WOW choices were definitely made," another person, LeadingMojicans, added.

Some people were quick to lambast the upcoming movie as "the CW level show but with bigger budget and stars". The CW is an American network that is notorious for projects that don't necessarily look too expensive or layered.

"Also, I didn't believed that Sydney can look even slightly bad. But they managed to push boundaries to ridiculous levels," Twitter user HeroReligion said.

However, the 2000s style and controversial wigs appear to be sitting well with some people. According to another Twitter fan, "the costumes in [M]adame [W]eb look really striking and colourful. [I]t actually looks like clothes you would see comic book characters wear."

It might still be too early to judge Madame Web as there are roughly two years before the movie hits the screens. It is scheduled for a February 16, 2024 release in the United States. The movie will tell the story of a clairvoyant named Madame Web (portrayed by Dakota Johnson) whose psychic abilities allow her to follow the events in the Spider-verse.