Fans Are Disappointed With Appearance Of This 'Justice League' Actor In The CW's 'Naomi'

Image credit: The CW

The actor behind one of the greatest DCEU villains appeared on The CW's 'Naomi' series finale only to be mocked by fans for his less than regal appearance.

The newest addition to the 'Arrowverse', 'Naomi' tells a story of a young woman (Kasi Walfall) who comes to terms with her unusual godlike superpowers while battling the world's most brutal supervillains. The character wasn't introduced to the DC until 2019, so the CW's decision to quickly include her in its pantheon of superheroes felt a bit rushed. Fans so far have taken 'Naomi' lightly, giving the show mediocre ratings and discussing bad CGI and poor scripts.

The actor appearing in show's finale is Ray Porter, famous for his turn as Darkseid in 'Zack Snyder's Justice League', so his appearance in another DC production was completely unexpected. Many viewers on Reddit mistakenly thought he was reprising his role as Darkseid, so fans' outrage over the character's appearance may be aimed at that misconception.

When this mistake was corrected, fans found out that Porter plays a villain named Brutus, introduced in the original 'Naomi' comics last year. Not much is known about this character, as he only appears briefly in the story. Fans are still very unhappy with the CW, accusing the network of canceling their favorite shows in favor of yet another lackluster and bad-looking project.

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