Fans Are Surprisingly Cool With Time-Jump in 'Stranger Things' Season 5, Here's Why

Fans Are Surprisingly Cool With Time-Jump in 'Stranger Things' Season 5, Here's Why
Image credit: Legion-Media

Season 4 is yet to end, but the Duffer brothers are already eyeing the future.

The announcement by the 'Stranger Things ' creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, that the fifth and final season of the show is going to involve a time-jump to address the actors' age, has not surprised fans at all.

However, there was little irritation as well, contrary to what you might have thought. In fact, people were more happy about actually calling the move long before the Duffer brothers made it official.

There were plenty of fan theories suggesting that 'Stranger Things' will have to eventually turn to time travel in order to resolve the show's main conflict. Given the huge amount of little hints here and there, these theories felt like they make sense, even though the Duffer brothers never explicitly referred to time travel, only saying that they will only do a time jump since there was no "feasible way" to shoot season 4 and season 5 back to back.

The extent of the time jump was not clarified, and neither was anything time-travel-related mentioned. Still, fans seem pretty okay with the decision, as the 'Stranger Things' actors do indeed grow up rapidly.

Many people believe that season 5 might involve the Hawkins gang being all adults, possibly attending high school or university, with some kind of mysterious events drawing them back to the ill-fated town they grew up in.

This makes it possible that season 5 could take place in the 1990s. However, if time travel will in fact be involved, chances are that the Hawkins gang ends up in the 2020s… as if our era is not full of stranger things already.