Fans Ask Grey's Anatomy to Stop With Life Lessons Already

Fans Ask Grey's Anatomy to Stop With Life Lessons Already
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Who would have thought when the critically acclaimed show Grey's Anatomy first aired in 2005, that the series would still be running, coming up to 20 years later?

Now as ABC's longest-running scripted primetime series, the show has seen characters have children, get married, and even die in unexpected plane crashes; continuing to spawn several spin-off series and adaptations. It really has shown it all. And yet some fans are now calling for the series to return more to its roots. As this latest season's current format clearly isn't meeting the expectations of some of its most dedicated viewers.

Some fans of the show have flocked to Reddit to state their disappointment with the show's latest writing. It's only natural that after as many episodes on a show such as Grey's Anatomy, the style and structure of each season would develop as it moved on.

And yet Redditors are not keen on the show's current 'philosophical' nature, describing each episode as attempting to teach the audience a lesson in social justice.

The show which was originally known for its dramatization and intriguing medical cases has clearly changed its theme since when it first started, but possibly not for the better.

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The shift in the show first started when the latest 19th season attempted to restructure the series. The titular character Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) was announced she would appear less within this season overall. Although the actress had still signed with ABC to stay ongoing with the show, and her character would continue to narrate within the episodes, Pompeo needed more time away from the series to film a part in Hulu 's Orphan series.

Producers took the opportunity to bring an additional five new characters as series regulars. Played by actors: Alexis Floyd, Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Midori Francis, and Niko Terho. Fans hoped that the introduction of new cast members would be a positive change for the series, giving them high hopes. Yet according to fans, these new characters have not brought the desired impact they wished for.

As one viewer states, although the odd bit of social messaging is acceptable, including 'preachy monologues' from characters in every episode is not as enjoyable for them as the format of older seasons.

Reminders of the realisms of today aren't what many viewers may be looking for when much of that is already broadcast across media platforms. Although the fans mention they understand the need for the show to continue to be progressive, instead of focusing on delivering constant 'life lessons' to the audience, the show should go back to the style of series it was originally known for. And to reintroduce the very thing that made fans love the show to begin with… the drama.