Fans Can't Decide Which Was More Cringeworthy: Suicide Squad or WW84

Fans Can't Decide Which Was More Cringeworthy: Suicide Squad or WW84
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Goodbye, Wonder Woman 3. You'll be maybe a few people.

The apparent cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 has made waves among DC fans, even though the news wasn't particularly surprising given the 2020 sequel failing in box office. However, it's not like Wonder Woman 1984 was the only sequel to underperform in theaters, with James Gunn 's The Suicide Squad 2 also failing to profit when it was released.

Both movies are not particularly synonyms for outstanding quality in DC fandom. Still, Patty Jenkins has her threequel cancelled, while Gunn is named the new head of DC franchise.

The inconsistency was pointed out by The Wrap's Scott Mendelson, with his take immediately sparking a heated debate between Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman fans.

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To be fair, both sequels are not considered by fans to be the best movies ever made. But it seems that the majority of people, if given a choice, would rather side with Gunn's The Suicide Squad 2 than Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984.

"If those are the only two movies we're considering, then they made the right creative choice. No question about it. I would not use WW84 as ammunition in any argument. Barely a movie," Twitter user DrewMcWeeny said.

Despite some fans arguing that Wonder Woman 1984's performance was heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic aftermath, it looks like no one is ready to have mercy for WW84.

"One was a good movie that spawned a spinoff series that brought eyes to WB new platform and the director has a history of success making money for WB's biggest competitor? WW3 Should get a shot based on the first movie, but the second was a travesty of poor CGI and writing," Twitter StratusNova noted.

Still, the fact that WW84 grossed $170 million worldwide on a $200 million budget and basically doomed the franchise, while Gunn's The Suicide Squad 2 made $169 million worldwide on a $180 million budget does not sit well with many people. It's not even about how cringe-worthy the movies are but rather about how similar figures are estimated differently in the end.

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But no matter how one feels about James Gunn and his take on The Suicide Squad, the majority of fans decided to side with him and blast Wonder Woman 1984 as "probably the worst of the DCEU stuff".