Fans Disappointed With Marvel's Plans For Korg Solo Series Over This Reason

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It looks like Taika Waititi will venture back into the MCU, continuing to voice his favorite alien character. But are fans ready to see his solo show?

According to insider information, Marvel Studios is developing a solo series centered around Korg, the lovable Kronan warrior who first appeared in 'Thor 3', and who has been confirmed to play a huge role in the upcoming 'Love and Thunder'. The character certainly has the charisma and interesting background to lead his own show, and yet some fans are a little taken aback by Kevin Feige's decision to produce such a project.

In a discussion on Reddit people were quite surprised by this turn of events, wondering how such a popular but still minor character would get his solo series on Disney+ if so many other great MCU characters were still waiting to be in the spotlight. Fans began joking about other MCU characters worthy of their own series, and some impressive ideas were born.

"Jesus, who’s next? Those friends Shang-Chi and Katy had dinner with? Not everyone needs their own project." – /DaHyro.

However, some viewers realized pretty quickly that Marvel Studios' plans for this Korg project were very different from other shows, and it could only be compared to the Groot series, that is, essentially, is a number of animated shorts.

"Tbh if the article is accurate and it's actually just a bunch of comedic shorts I have no problem with it. But yeah, giving him a full on series would be kinda wack. I'm not even sure Taika would have the time to do it." – /Spider-Fan77.

And some are thinking about the future, wondering how Korg's recently disclosed LGBTQ+ status might affect his rumored Disney+ solo series. For all we know, Taika's cute and loveable character could end up being the MCU’s first (solo) gay lead!

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