Fans Fear For MCU's Series 'Ironheart' For This Sad Reason

Fans Fear For MCU's Series 'Ironheart' For This Sad Reason
Image credit: Legion-Media

More and more information about the upcoming Dominique Thorne-led series emerges with each new week, and Marvel fans fear that the project will suffer a lot of prejudice and animosity.

The series will center on the teenage genius Riri Williams, who has constructed an improved Iron Man suit from some scraps, thus becoming a brand-new superhero named Ironheart. Production on the series will begin later this month, and fans are eagerly awaiting the official cast announcement. Thanks to an insider on Twitter, we're finally learning more about the other characters that will appear in this Disney + series. Rumor has it that Laetitia Wright's Shuri will be featured in several episodes of the series.

However, some fans over on Reddit are already expecting waves of toxicity and racism towards Thorne and Wright from some of Marvel's most unhinged fans, given the fact that two black women are leading their own prestigious show might infuriate some. And thanks to the recent controversy surrounding 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ', in which actress Moses Ingraham was attacked by racist fans, the MCU community is taking serious precautions to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Others simply believe that 'Ironheart' will not succeed in creating a new and satisfying Iron Man-esque character, with many citing the fact that Robert Downey Jr. 's performance cannot be outdone. Nevertheless, many fans still believe that the series should still get its chance, as the original comic book's Riri Williams plot is quite complex and could be perfect for a mini-series.