Fans Furious Over 2020's Mads Mikkelsen Starrer Already Getting U.S. Remake

Fans Furious Over 2020's Mads Mikkelsen Starrer Already Getting U.S. Remake
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Chris Rock will direct an American adaptation of Thomas Vinterberg's acclaimed black comedy-drama Another Round.


  • Another Round, the second collaboration between Thomas Vinterberg and Mads Mikkelsen, received rave reviews upon its release in 2020
  • The U.S. remake of the film has been in the works for some time, with Leonardo DiCaprio considered for the lead role
  • A new update reveals that the movie will be directed by Chris Rock, but fans aren't too happy about the news

The black comedy drama Another Round, directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Mads Mikkelsen, was the second collaboration between the filmmaker and the actor after 2012's acclaimed psychological drama The Hunt, proving that the two are a match made in heaven.

The movie follows four friends who work at the same school and, fed up with their boring and monotonous lives, decide to take part in an experiment to test the theory that the human body suffers from a permanent lack of alcohol.

In order to do this, they start drinking in small doses every day, which at first seems to only benefit the friends, but of course, as soon as they start pushing their limits, things quickly spiral out of control.

By brilliantly mixing hilarious comedic moments with some serious heartbreaking drama, the film managed to win the hearts of many critics and fans, becoming a box office hit in the process, earning $21.7 million against a budget of $5.2 million.

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The Remake Has Been In Talks For Quite Some Time

Of course, the success of the Danish film didn't escape the watchful eye of Hollywood studios, who began planning an American remake and even considered Leonardo DiCaprio for the lead role.

Now, a new update suggests that the movie will indeed see the light of day, as according to Deadline, Chris Rock has signed on to direct the remake of Another Round, although no casting information has been revealed.

However, fans of the original movie are not thrilled that the remake has finally gotten the green light, as they believe that everything points to it being a total disaster.

There Are Many Reasons Why Another Round Remake Will Not Work

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First of all, they don't think all the nuances of Vinterberg's film can be adequately translated to the U.S. setting due to cultural differences, which will definitely take away a lot of the original's charm.

Furthermore, they add that while 2014's Top Five, which Rock directed, was highly praised by critics and audiences, two of the other films he made, 2003's Head of State and 2007's I Think I Love My Wife, turned out to be complete flops.

Finally, fans say that the movie, which is only three years old at this point, doesn't need to be remade at all, even though the fact that it's in Danish must have scared off a portion of the audience that doesn't like to read subtitles.

Maybe Chris Rock will be able to prove all the skeptics wrong and deliver a great new take on the familiar story, but for now it all remains in doubt.

No release date has been announced.

Do you think the remake of Another Round has a chance to be good?

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