Fans Have Already Spotted a Plot Hole in 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law'

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Unless there is a reasonable continuity explanation for it.

Eagle-eyed fans have already spotted that Professor Hulk's arm, which was badly damaged after his snap in 'Avengers: Endgame', appears to be totally fine in the trailer for 'She-Hulk'. How come?

Professor Hulk, a.k.a. Smart Hulk, was introduced first in 'Endgame', so logically, everyone suggested that 'She-Hulk' takes place after the Infinity Saga, even though it was never mentioned in the trailer. So, unless 'She-Hulk' takes place before 'Endgame', Hulk's healed arm appears to be a continuity error.

This was something that angered fans, even though many people quickly remembered Hulk's outstanding healing abilities.

Aside from the possibility that the events of 'She-Hulk' taking place before or during the Blip, people came up with another explanation.

There is still a chance that the series will offer a credible explanation for Hulk's arms being suddenly fine despite the Russo brothers telling that the damage done to it by the Infinity Stones would be irreversible.

Still, this is not the only issue that fans have taken with 'She-Hulk'. Another massive problem is the show's CGI, which makes Jennifer Walters look more like Shrek's Fiona-turned-superhero than an actual female version of Hulk.

The series hits screens in August 17, and we still have hope that several months the creators still have before the release will resolve the issues that fans brought up.

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