Fans List Their Demands Following 'The Batman 2' CinemaCon Announcement

Image credit: Legion-Media

With a lot of fans declaring Robert Pattinson's Batman one of the best, Matt Reeves' sequel was just a question of time.

At CinemaCon on Tuesday, 'The Batman' creators announced that the story of the caped crusader is to continue, confirming that Robert Pattinson is getting a sequel.

Director Matt Reeves has already started to write the script for 'The Batman 2'. However, he did not reveal much about the upcoming movie storyline.

The fans, many of whom rallied online to demand more Batman movies for Robert Pattinson, seem to be excited for the movie, but they still have their expectations.

For instance, they want Batman to be more mature in the sequel, also expecting some more backstory.

Or maybe let's finally introduce Robin?

Others just unconditionally can't wait for the sequel.

With a box office around $760 million, the first movie about the masked vigilante is currently the highest grossing film of the year. Robert Pattinson's performance as Batman also garnered a lot of praise, with fans deciding that the actor deserves to have a trilogy at least, or maybe even more movies.

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