Fans Love Matt Smith in 'House of the Dragon', But For a Really Weird Reason

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The actor has gone a long way from Timelord to Dragonlord.

In 'House of the Dragon', Matt Smith is playing Daemon Targaryen, an heir hopeful for the Iron Throne who ends up facing off Rhaenyra in the fight for power. And it seems that his casting is one of the best things about the show – at least according to fans who propelled his name to Twitter trends shortly after the first episode premiere.

However, the reasons for such fan love are sometimes quite bizarre. For instance, one of the fans noted that Matt Smith boasts an appearance that can be characterized as "handsome, but not in a way where you can rule out inbreeding".

"matt smith is such a good casting choice in house of the dragon bc he has that 'handsome, but not in a way where you can rule out inbreeding' type of look that's perfect for a targaryen." – @ycsm1n

Now that's perhaps the weirdest compliment one could give to another person. Even though the fan admitted that was a rather "mean" thing to say, the observation is not unreasonable: after all, House Targaryen is indeed famous for genetics that is sometimes questionable at the very least.

Naturally, Smith's unique appearance is not the only thing that brings him fan love. As of now, the majority of 'House of the Dragon' fans believe that he is "smashing it" as Daemon Targaryen – even though some people are not sure how to feel about that platinum blonde wig.

"All I want in life is the misplaced confidence of whoever did Matt Smith's wig." – @Sitdownaj

Besides, Smith has already hinted that there might be more to his character than simply being a devious Targaryen villain. Fans have noticed that, too: while playing Daemon, Smith manages to show that his character in fact cares about his family a lot… and that makes him a complicated and layered person, especially in a combination with sowing other people's genitals off.

'House of the Dragon' premiered on Sunday, with nine more episodes to follow through October. The first episode is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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