Fans Lowkey Hope For The Best as Warner Bros. Eyes DC Overhaul

Fans Lowkey Hope For The Best as Warner Bros. Eyes DC Overhaul
Image credit: Legion-Media

The success of Marvel has long troubled the minds of DC creators and fans, but trying to apply the MCU formula to DC did not seem to work last time. So maybe it's time for something unique.

It looks like DC Entertainment will face an overhaul as Discovery inked a multi-billion dollar deal for WarnerMedia, according to Variety citing sources familiar with the plans.

Company execs are now flirting with the idea of DC becoming a "solidified content vertical", and in order for that to work, the executives would like to see someone Kevin Feige-esque at the helm.

And even though Discovery's plans include boosting the potential of DC characters like Superman and Aquaman while also improving the brand strategy, it looks like fans are preemptively concerned about how Marvel-style these ambitious goals sound… once again.

Brand strategy, you said?

But among those who already prepare for the worst are people who actually do see a silver lining.

It's unclear how Discovery's plans will affect the already established world of Robert Pattinson 's 'The Batman ' – which fans seem to largely enjoy and would not like to lose, given how eagerly they demand 'The Batman' to get a sequel.