Fans Named The Most Annoying 'Tokyo Vice' Character, And It's Not Who You'd Think

Image credit: Legion-Media, HBO Max

HBO Max's surprising hit ended a couple of days ago, but fans are still reeling.

One of the most unusual HBO Max shows this season, 'Tokyo Vice', has gathered a very passionate fan base. Now that 'Tokyo Vice' has ended, fans can only discuss the events unfolded in the mini-series and hope that HBO Max will renew 'Tokyo Vice' for a second season, if only in an anthology format. A discussion about the characters of 'Tokyo Vice' over on Reddit ended with an unexpected conclusion: it turns out that the most annoying character – for a lot of fans at least – is Samantha.

Played by Rachel Keller ('Fargo', 'Legion'), Samantha Porter is an American expatriate living in Tokyo who makes her living as a hostess in the Onyx Club of the Kabukicho district.

In 'Tokyo Vice' it was she who introduced Jake to Tokyo's seedy underbelly, but many fans believe that this character served as a basic plot device, being two-dimensional and also vaguely annoying. Samantha's behavior in particular was a reason for the 'Tokyo Vice' fans to dislike her: it was said that Keller's character often acts like a self-entitled westerner in a foreign country.

Some even compared Samantha to Liz in another popular TV series, 'The Blacklist', saying how they've enjoyed 'Tokyo Vice' a lot more since Keller's character was finally out of the picture. And "her character doesn’t make sense" opinion was, it seems, pretty popular on 'Tokyo Vice' subreddit.

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