Final Lightyear Trailer Provides a Glimpse at Buzz's Look

Image credit: Legion-Media

All those who yelled “To infinity and beyond!” with toy Buzz Lightyear when they were 8-years-old… our chance to yell the very same thing in the cinemas as adults is coming closer.

New trailer of ‘Lightyear’ has given fans a chance to look closely at the beloved space ranger that we only knew as a toy before.

Aside from checking out Chris Evans as the voice behind Buzz Lightyear, people got to see Buzz’s space suit and a weird animatronic cat that is going to accompany him… wow, we don’t remember that from ‘Toy Story’, do we?

This cat already has both fans and haters.

And while someone looks at the space suit and fight scenes teaser, other people go into full existential questions mode.

Movie about Buzz Lightyear is cool, but what about that awesome video game that we saw in ‘Toy Story 2’?

‘Lightyear’ is set to premiere exclusively in theaters on June 17. Until then, we can always launch a ‘Toy Story’ marathon to remember the good old days.

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