Five Potential Cameos in 'Multiverse of Madness' That Could Be Absolutely Bonkers

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With the multiverse potentially opening doors for a lot of new characters in the MCU, fans now delve into guesses as to who could that be.

It looks like now literally everything is possible, so fans let their imagination loose and roll out even the craziest ideas regarding who could appear in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'.

Their fantasy is particularly fueled by reports that the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel will have surprises that are bigger than those of 'Infinity War', 'Endgame' and 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' combined.

Okay, so what can be bigger than bringing back Chris Evans, but not as Captain America, but someone different?

But Torch from 'Fantastic Four' is not the only one who fans are waiting for. Indeed, there is a certain iron deficiency in the MCU

When it comes to Professor X, it would not be a very big surprise, though, as his cameo is kind of confirmed at this point. Among those who has definitely not been confirmed is Andrew Garfield, who enjoys so little trust from the fans that they preemptively expect him to appear everywhere.

Others believe there'll be Tobey Macguire's Spider-Man.

Or how about a fight between Doctor Strange and Blade? As if these two have something to fight over.

Or Deadpool and Wolverine. Just because.

It looks like at this point one could easily imagine introducing Pokémon or Sonic the Hedgehog into the multiverse, because the upcoming movie will apparently send Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff barreling into a bunch of alternate worlds and facing a handful of variants.

Exactly how much madness will this multiverse have, we'll learn on May 6.

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