Forget Sex Education, HBO’s 95%-Rated Coming-Of-Age Comedy Does Everything Better

Forget Sex Education, HBO’s 95%-Rated Coming-Of-Age Comedy Does Everything Better
Image credit: Elevation Pictures, Netflix

Here comes a more truthful depiction of the teenage struggles.


  • The indie comedy drama, featuring a girl with reproductive system’s disease, is now climbing HBO’s Global Chart.
  • It explores the intricate topics of maturing, sexual and family relationships and womanhood.

5 years ago, the first Sex Education season brought the themes of sexuality, teen health, both moral and physical, and school relationships closer to the surface. Its balance of comedy, drama and the educational part amazed everyone, and now a new 2023 movie, which has been climbing up HBO’s chart recently, continues the trend.

This new ‘traumedy’ revolves around a 16-year-old girl who is diagnosed with a reproductive disorder known as MRKH syndrome. At acknowledging this, she starts rethinking her sexuality, relationships with her mom and friends, along with the diagnosis disrupting her understanding of womanhood and even her own self.

Balancing these traumatizing health struggles with the anxieties of adolescence, the movie features a very genuine essential portrait of girlhood. Surprisingly, it turns out such a level of authenticity comes from the director’s personal experience, as she was also diagnosed with MRKH syndrome as a teenager, just like the main heroine, Lindy.

Despite the presence of comical moments, which are perfectly timed there, the film is definitely important not only due to its socially important topics, but also as a solid example of a well-built coming-of-age dramedy, filled with the indie atmosphere.

The movie stars The Fallout and West Side Story actress, the Internet’s beloved Maddie Ziegler as Lindy, who is absolutely convincing in this role. She manages to convey all specter of emotions, which are typical of a maturing teen realizing the challenges of life, and her acting is greatly supported by the movie’s well-written script.

The directing style of Molly McGlynn, the movie’s creator and the main inspirer, added to the movie’s peculiar, but truthful vision of a growing girl, finding herself in such unexpected trouble. Titled Fitting In, the film gained so much industry’s recognition that it received an impressive 95% of critical acclaim on Rotten Tomatoes.

Thus, Fitting In can be regarded as an outstanding statement calling out sexual, reproductive, and gynecological health. Moreover, it does it in an appealingly authentic and sometimes comical manner, thus making it simpler and more fun for viewers.

Source: Etalk