From Screen to Meme: 7 Viral TV Scenes That Broke the Internet

From Screen to Meme: 7 Viral TV Scenes That Broke the Internet
Image credit: First-run syndication, NBC

That’s where they come from!

TV shows are clearly guilty for making us laugh off the numerous memes they generate. Sometimes the viral pictures are used without the knowledge of where they came from.

Here are 7 memes derived from the viral TV moments and their explanations.

  1. The Office - No, God, Please, No!

First comes one of the most memorable moments of not only The Office, but of the whole TV history. Michael Scott’s exclamation became a meme used as a response to an unexpected thing happening with which you don’t want to deal at all.

  1. Star Trek - Picard’s Facepalm

The picture of Captain Jean-Juc Picard putting his face in his hand is a must-have for reacting to something cringey. It comes from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, in which Captain gets stressed of being forced to accept his rival Q on the ship.

  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Charlie Kelly’s Mailroom

The most hilarious character of the series brought us a viral meme featuring him losing his mind in a company mailroom, using the wall covered with papers to explain the conspiracy. It’s now used as a reaction to people’s insane made-up theories.

  1. The Walking Dead - Carl!

The zombie drama gave us a number of good memes, with one of them definitely being the most popular. The picture of Rick wailing at Carl comes in handy when we’re laughing about the father’s kind of humor or when something shocking happens.

  1. How I Met Your Mother - True Story

The meme, combining one of the iconic Barney’s catchphrases with a cartoonish image of him from the episode titled Do I Know You? became associated with describing relatable real-life experiences and, more comically, also stories that were never true.

  1. Key & Peele - Sweating Peele

Long before becoming an acclaimed horror director, Jordan Peele starred in this sketch comedy show, with one of its sketches inscribing him in meme history. Now Peele’s sweating face is used to express extreme anxiety, the one his character felt that time.

  1. Dexter - Surprise Motherf*cker!

Meaning an original way to say “hi”, this phrase came from the scene, in which Doakes confronts Dexter at a murder site, menacingly greets him and then enters into the fight with the main character, and changed its initial tone to an ironic one.