Get Ready to Binge: Netflix's December 2023 Lineup Unveils 7 New Series

Get Ready to Binge: Netflix's December 2023 Lineup Unveils 7 New Series
Image credit: Netflix

From crime dramas and romcoms to supernatural thrillers and animated series.

2023 has been incredibly rich with amazing releases. But the year isn't over yet, there are still two months to go!

December is going to be especially exciting, and doubly so if you have a Netflix subscription. Here are the best titles coming to the streaming service in December 2023.

7. Blood Coast, Season 1

Release date: December 6

Set in Marseille, the French series revolves around a team of police officers who use unconventional methods on the edge of the law to catch a dangerous drug dealer attempting to take control of the entire city.

6. Analog Squad, Season 1

Release date: December 7

As with Blood Coast, for some time now, Netflix has been investing in a variety of promising projects from around the world, not just the Anglophone realm. A Thai series Analog Squad follows a lonely middle-aged man caring for his father on his deathbed. To make his parent proud of him one last time, the protagonist hires an ex-girlfriend and local teenagers to simulate a fake family.

5. YOH' Christmas, Season 1

Release date: December 15

The streaming giant is no stranger to annual festive series, especially when it comes to Christmas! But this time around, Netflix has in store a truly intriguing Christmas series produced in South Africa. YOH' Christmas is a romcom that follows a lonely single mother who seems to have everything. Except love. One day she decides to finally bring home a boyfriend for Christmas Eve, but she only has 24 days to make it happen.

4. Carol & The End of The World, Limited Series

Release date: December 15

On December 15, Netflix will release 10 episodes of the adult animated series Carol & The End of The World from the writer of the iconic Community and Rick and Morty, Dan Guterman. According to the plot, a mysterious planet is approaching Earth, which will soon collide with ours and destroy all of humanity. As a result, people, counting their last days, decide to indulge in hedonism. And the only one who is not ready to accept the fate is an ordinary, quiet woman, voiced by Martha Kelly (Euphoria, Baskets).

3. YuYu Hakusho, Season 1

Release date: December 15

We used to worry every time Netflix announced its intentions to adapt famous manga and anime, but after the incredible success of One Piece, there's no reason to doubt the streaming service anymore. Based on the classic manga by Yoshihiro Togashi, YuYu Hakusho revolves around a delinquent who, after dying and descending into a Buddhist hell, is given the chance to return to the human world. In return, he is given supernatural powers and must investigate cases involving paranormal forces.

2. Gyeongseong Creature, Season 1

Release date: December 22

If you miss K-dramas, period pieces, or horror series on Netflix, this new release will satisfy all your needs at once. 1945, Japanese-occupied Korea. The plot of the new web series follows the citizens of Seoul (then often called Gyeongseong), in particular two young people, as they try to investigate mysterious disappearances. However, it turns out that the cause is sinister creatures born of human greed.

1. Money Heist: Berlin, Season 1

Release date: December 29

The Spanish crime drama Money Heist, also known as La casa de papel, has become a true phenomenon in global pop culture thanks to its compelling character-driven plots that delve into elaborate heist schemes. And now, at the end of December, a new spin-off dedicated to the prolific Pedro Alonso Berlin will be released, focusing on the early years of one of the most popular characters from the original series.