Grey's Anatomy Isn't Managing Ellen Pompeo's Exit Well

Grey's Anatomy Isn't Managing Ellen Pompeo's Exit Well
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Grey's Anatomy is without a doubt one of the best medical series on television to date. The show premiered in 2005 and has had fans hooked on the drama inside and outside the operating room for almost 19 seasons.

The show has earned such popularity and success, being praised for good writing and an excellent cast. When thinking about the show, the first character to come to mind has to be Dr. Meredith Grey.

From the very first episode of the series, fans have watched Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo, as she begins her career at the hospital as a hopeful medical intern and follows her journey as she navigates love, loss, friendships, family, and surgery. Meredith, now the Chief of Surgery, has certainly created a legacy of her own throughout the show, but the end is nearing for her character.

Ellen Pompeo's decision to finally exit the show as she pursues a new venture has devastated fans, but what seems to upset them even more is the way her character's exit is being handled by producers. Currently, Meredith is one of only three remaining characters that started with the show in the first season.

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Fans who have been invested in her story from the start feel that there is a huge injustice being done by her lack of screen time in the most recent episodes. Not only is she appearing less, but the focus is being put on trivial bickering instead. Some fans of the show have even described feeling checked out, having lost interest in what they're watching as the show is not focusing on who they feel it should be.

After playing the biggest role on the show for all this time, it is understandable that fans are feeling disappointed by the lack of attention producers seem to have given to her character's exit. Meredith deserves so much more for her final bit of time on the show.

To make matters worse, the rushed departure of her character has left a plot hole in terms of her children.

As it has been revealed, she plans to move to Boston where Zola can attend a school for gifted students after Jackson conveniently offers her a job there to research Alzheimer's, it all works out for everyone. Except for her other two children. Are they just going to be uprooted and moved to Boston for the benefit of one sibling? Where will they go to school?

Also, what about Nick? He moved to Seattle for Meredith, is their relationship going to continue?

With the growing list of questions following Meredith's departure, it feels more and more like writers and producers may have not paid enough attention to planning her character's exit. Hopefully, it is not too late for them to use the little time they have left to give Grey's Anatomy's most iconic doctor the farewell she deserves.