Grey's Anatomy's Boss Confirms Fans' Worst Assumptions

Grey's Anatomy's Boss Confirms Fans' Worst Assumptions
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Dr. Robbins fans, brace yourselves.


  • Grey's Anatomy will premiere its 20th anniversary season on March 14, keeping its title as the longest-running primetime medical drama.
  • Jessica Capshaw, who portrayed Arizona Robbins from season 5 to season 14, has been announced as returning.
  • However, according to showrunner Meg Marinis, her stay will be very short.

When a TV show crosses the line of a decade on the air, many people begin to doubt that it still has anything fresh, funny, or interesting to say. But with Grey's Anatomy and its smart approach to rotating interns and always adding someone familiar to the main cast, the show easily crossed that threshold.

It's harder to say the same about season 20, though. Many viewers feel that when the show has reached the point where even the titular character, Meredith Grey, is no longer a constant presence, it is time to call it a day.

Keeping the show entertaining for 20 years is an accomplishment, and it will forever be in Shondaland's books, but anything that comes after that may be overkill. Many viewers are getting ready for the show to end after this year. But at least it will be a fun last ride with some very familiar faces.

Will Jessica Capshaw Be Back to Grey’s Anatomy?

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One of the characters promised to return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is Dr. Arizona Ribbins, who was last seen 6 years ago moving to New York to be closer to her daughter and reconcile with her ex-wife Callie. Although fans of the couple didn't get to see their happy ending, they were content to assume it happened.

Arizona's appearance could easily ruin the illusion. However, it would have been worth it if the character had been brought in for an extended arc.

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So far, the details of Arizona's return are being kept under wraps, but there is one thing that the show's new showrunner, Meg Marinis, was very direct about in an interview with Deadline.

Dr. Robbins is not staying. If anything, she will be moving on after one episode, leaving Jessica Capshaw as a guest star.

“I think everyone is going be really happy to see her, we show a lot of the things that people loved about Arizona, her humor, her hard work as a doctor, her teaching, her friendships with the people that she loved at Grey Sloan. And it was such a joy to have Jessica back on set. It was like she’d never left, it was a seamless transition,” Marinis said.

So, fans of Dr. Arizona Robbins, do not get your hopes up. Although the episode she appears in promises to be filled with nostalgic references and good friendships, it won't last long.

Another character who's supposed to return in season 20 after a long hiatus, Dr. Nico Kim, is a different story. Although the showrunner didn't specify how long he'll be staying, she did make sure to point out that he'll be a completely different person. Could this finally mean a happy ending for Schmico? We'll just have to wait and see!

Tune in to the premiere of Grey's Anatomy season 20 on March 14 on ABC to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Source: Deadline