Grey’s Anatomy Fans Don’t Hold Back on Its Season 21 Renewal

Grey’s Anatomy Fans Don’t Hold Back on Its Season 21 Renewal
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The future of the ever-popular ABC show was revealed after 20 seasons of non-stop run.


  • Grey’s Anatomy has been on air since 2005, spanning 20 seasons and counting.
  • The show was officially renewed for Season 21 which was not announced to be the finale.
  • Old-school Grey’s Anatomy fans are begging the showrunners to put the series out of its misery while new viewers are happy about the renewal.

Some TV shows are designed as mini-series: they only have a few episodes to tell their story. Others span several seasons, building upon their initial plots. Others yet shoot for the stars and end up on the Moon with their never-ending supply of stories — and Grey’s Anatomy is definitely one of them with its staggering 20 seasons.

Or should we rather say, 20 seasons and counting?

Grey’s Anatomy Received S21 Update

After 20 seasons of its phenomenal run, Grey’s Anatomy is finally ready to… Keep going! That’s right: the record-breaking TV series was officially renewed for Season 21, marking its twentieth year on the air.

“The loyalty and love of Grey’s Anatomy fans has propelled us into a historic 21st season, and I could not be more grateful,” show creator Shonda Rimes told E! News.

Despite its incredibly long run, Grey’s Anatomy is still going strong viewership-wise: on Disney Plus, one of its main streaming homes, the series has been holding its customary first spot in the rating. Even new TV shows, like the Game of Thrones ’ spiritual successor Shogun that only recently premiered, lag behind the hospital drama.

Grey’s Anatomy Fans Aren’t All Happy

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Funnily enough, the audience isn’t all excited about the renewal news. The show’s fans are divided into two groups: newcomers who are happy because they’re yet to even reach Season 20 and old viewers who want the series to be put out of its misery. Arguably, the latter group is the loudest online — and most argumentative.

“Why will they not just release me from this torment? I’ve been hanging around the last five years just because I know the final season will have some good nostalgia guest stars, and we can’t get to that if they never give us a last season. [This show has] been relegated to ‘background noise while I do other tasks’ for me,” Reddit user Feisty-Donkey wrote.

No matter how much old fans would prefer Grey’s Anatomy to reach its finale, it’s impossible for now. This series has become a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, constantly bringing in new viewers and, thanks to them, maintaining record-high viewership on platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus. No one will cancel such an efficient show — and until new viewers cease to arrive, Grey’s Anatomy will stay.

Source: Deadline