Guardians of Godolkin Clip Hints At Least Two Gen V Characters May Appear in The Boys S4

Guardians of Godolkin Clip Hints At Least Two Gen V Characters May Appear in The Boys S4
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Gen V is definitely more than just a spinoff, but it seems The Boys only goes further to confirm it.


  • The Boys ' spinoff Gen V has introduced many new characters, and it seems some of them will show up in the upcoming fourth season of the parent show
  • Gen V finale appears to have established the narrative for The Boys season 4
  • The release date for The Boys season 4 remains a mystery at this point

Gen V went out with a bang (quite literally), and it looks like The Boys fans who want to fully understand the upcoming fourth season will have to give spinoff a watch, too: at least because some of the characters will apparently return sooner or later.

Beware of spoilers for Gen V finale ahead!

Now, a quick recap for those who need their memory refreshed: in the Gen V finale, The Woods laboratory unleashed its inhabitants on the Godolkin University campus, and it was not pretty, to say the least. Even though Marie and her friends desperately tried to stop Cate and Sam from making things worse, they hardly succeeded: mainly because Homelander appeared at the last moment and took a rather unexpected (but not really) side.

Anyway, it seems that Cate and Sam — the ones who actually started the massacre at God U — are now proclaimed the new and true Guardians of Godolkin, while Marie and her pals are criminals who found themselves in a locked hospital room without doors.

New Vought Promo Teases Cate and Sam Return

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This week, Vought International YouTube channel (because yes, The Boys takes its universe very seriously) released a new promo clip featuring Sam and Cate as the new heroes of Godolkin University.

The video doesn't offer a lot of surprises to those who have already seen Gen V, but it's the caption that is particularly interesting: "Cate Dunlap and Sam Riordan will return!"

First of all, hi, Marvel. Secondly, it looks like the first season of Gen V wasn't the last appearance of Sam and Cate: many fans believe they will return even before Gen V starts its second season.

The duo may appear in The Boys season 4, even though it might be tricky for the parent show to make sure those who decided to ignore Gen V will follow through.

When Will The Boys Season 4 Premiere?

On Wednesday, Prime Video confirmed that The Boys season 4 will be released in 2024. However, the network did not confirm an exact release date. Neither did it provide a teaser trailer or a hint on when to expect it.

The Boys season 4 wrapped filming a long time ago, but delayed its release date in solidarity with the writers and actors strikes. Now that the writers strike is resolved and the deal is near for the SAG-AFTRA strike, the news on The Boys season 4 release date may arrive sooner than later.

Meanwhile, Gen V has been greenlit for season 2, and is currently in development — also without a particular release date.