Harry Potter and Narnia Same Universe Speculation Might Not Be As Crazy As We Thought

Harry Potter and Narnia Same Universe Speculation Might Not Be As Crazy As We Thought
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Since the dawn of time, people from all the various fandoms were speculating if some stories could have existed in the same world.

The desire to unite one's favorite universes into one has even pushed people with creative imagination and some free time to spare to create a new genre known as crossover.

By definition, a crossover is when you make characters from The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars work together, or when you wish to see who would've won in a magic duel — Albus Dumbledore or Gandalf, so you clash them together in a way that's presumably impossible according to the respective stories.

But crossovers are one thing, and actual same-universe speculations are another: they try to prove that a few stories did in fact take place in the same world.

It takes a lot more effort since you actually have to research and interpret facts from all the stories in question… And it requires even more free time, of course.

One such theory that has been around for many years suggests that The Chronicles of Narnia and the Harry Potter series existed in the same world. And even more: the Pevensie kids were the famous Hogwarts Founders!

It appears to hardly be a coincidence that there were four people in both cases, two male and two female, who wore clothes of the same respective colors. It would've been a stretch to assume that all of this happened by mere chance, wouldn't it?

There's a tiny matter of timing here some might bring to light: the Pevensie family lived long after the Founders since Hogwarts was definitely not founded in the XX century.

But if we remember that the kids saw many other worlds floating around upon entering the Wardrobe, it starts making sense. After their Narnia adventures, they went to a different one and ended up in its medieval times.

There, under new identities, they became powerful wizards since it was possible for humans to wield magic in that world, and decided to found a school for all the kids with these abilities.

Or there could very well be no connection between the two universes at all, and J.K. Rowling just took a little inspiration from The Chronicles of Narnia which she admitted to loving back in the day…

But shush. We don't speak about such nonsense here today.