Harry Potter: Did Hermione Name Her and Ron's Kids After...Viktor Krum?

Harry Potter: Did Hermione Name Her and Ron's Kids After...Viktor Krum?
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The names Rose and Hugo might not sound even remotely Bulgarian, but give us a minute and we’ll make this scandalous, Rita Skeeter-worthy theory work.


  • While Harry and Ginny named their kids after the late people they cared about, Ron and Hermione gave original names to their children.
  • However, Rose and Hugo, their kids’ names, can be traced back to Hermione’s ex-boyfriend, Quidditch star Viktor Krum.
  • Rose is the national flower of Bulgaria, Krum’s homeland, and Hugo is the last name of the famous French writer Victor Hugo, Krum’s namesake.

The names of the Golden Trio’s children in the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows led to many heated debates among fans. They were mostly about Harry and Ginny’s kids’ ridiculous double names. But what if there was a way more insidious secret hidden behind Ron and Hermione’s kids’ names, Rose and Hugo?

What’s Wrong with the Golden Trio’s Kids’ Names?

The Harry Potter saga is concluded with an epilogue titled, 19 Years Later. It shows Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione as married couples sending their children to Hogwarts for another school year from King's Cross. Harry and Ginny have three kids, and Ron and Hermione have two, and they’re also raising little Teddy Lupin.

The happy end was very welcome after the years of struggles the Golden Trio had gone through, and it was great to see them all happy and relaxed for once. But one thing bothered Potterheads severely: the names the Potters chose for their kids.

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The two boys were called Albus Severus and James Sirius, and the only girl’s name was Lily Luna. Even apart from the fact that these double names sound ridiculous, they are all — save for Luna — the names of dead people. Naming kids exclusively after those who suffered gruesome and tragic deaths sounds wrong on all levels.

But in their shock at Harry and Ginny’s choice of names, fans largely missed something arguably more important: Rose and Hugo, Ron and Hermione’s kids were potentially named after Viktor Krum, Hermione’s ex-boyfriend!

Did Hermione Name Her Kids After Her Ex, Viktor Krum?

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At first glance, there’s nothing about the kids’ names that yells “Krum, I love you” or sounds even remotely Bulgarian. Still, there might have been some hidden thought on Hermione’s part when coming up with these names — something that longed for her former boyfriend, the world-class Quidditch star and a generally great guy.

Surely, naming her kids Viktor or Victoria would have been too on the nose, so Hermione, the smart woman that she was, found a few workarounds.

The daughter of the new Weasley couple was named Rose. This beautiful and seemingly innocent name had a secret meaning: the rose is the national flower of Bulgaria, Viktor Krum’s native country. Never mind that it’s also the national flower of England, Ron and Hermione’s native country; we’re making a different point here.

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With Hugo, it’s a bit different. Hermione has always been a bookworm, and before becoming a Hogwarts student, she indulged in Muggle literature. Considering her thoroughness, it’s unlikely that she overlooked the famous French writer Victor Hugo who shared his first name with Krum and last — with Hermione’s son. Told you!

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but this fan theory is more of a fun theory and was never intended to be taken seriously. We doubt that Hermione Granger would have named her and Ron’s kids after her high-school boyfriend of a few months. Still, the coincidences are too funny to ignore, so the next time you argue with your Potterhead buddies, try to convince them that this theory is true. It might just work.