Harry Potter Fans Name the Most Heartbreaking Death in the Series

Harry Potter Fans Name the Most Heartbreaking Death in the Series
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Many good people died over the course of the Harry Potter series, but the majority of fans call this one death the most devastating, and we think you’ll agree with them. We do, at least.

For what was initially designed to be a series for children, Harry Potter had way too many deaths, didn’t it? While the first three books were pretty safe in this regard (save for Quirrell, but who really cares about him?), things started to change rapidly with The Goblet of Fire, and we began losing great folks one by one all the time.

Each consequent chapter saw more and more people die until The Deathly Hallows delivered a whole bunch of tough blows. Despite the many characters that died during the last four books, fans typically talk about Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, and Fred the most. Alright, some of them also mention Lupin, but not often.

Seeing how there are millions of Potterheads all over the world, each of them had different preferences and different favorite characters, so there’s no singular answer to the question, “Whose death was the most heartbreaking?” However, during a recent discussion at Harry Potter’s largest subreddit, one thing became clear.

One name was mentioned more than anyone else’s during the discussion, and we’re pretty convinced that for most fans, the death of Sirius Black was the toughest blow. Even apart from the fact that he was the closest relative Harry had (at least, out of those he cared about), there are many more reasons to be devastated by his fate.

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Sirius Black had an abusive family that hated him, so he had to run away from his home and live with his best friend for several years. After Hogwarts, Sirius immediately joined the Order of the Phoenix and dedicated his life to fighting Voldemort…who killed his best friend’s entire family and pinned the blame on Sirius.

After spending his youth fighting against the Dark Lord, Sirius Black then spent a dozen years of his life in the worst prison in the world for a crime he didn’t commit, and then a few years being on the run, exhausted and hunted like a dog (don’t even!), and later yet, he was locked for months in his family house he hated.

And once things finally started looking up for Sirius Black and he began growing closer with his Godson, he was murdered by his own cousin in front of said Godson! Truly, Sirius had a terrible life that he didn’t deserve, and his death was devastating and frustratingly unfair no matter how you look at it. Especially for Harry Potter.

Do you agree that Sirius Black’s death was the most heartbreaking?

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