Harry Potter Movies Made Voldemort’s Most Terrifying Ability Completely Useless for No Good Reason

Harry Potter Movies Made Voldemort’s Most Terrifying Ability Completely Useless for No Good Reason
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Even Dumbledore’s most powerful allies experienced sheer terror when they learned about this Voldemort’s ability, but movie fans never even learned about it!


  • The Harry Potter movies changed many details and wizarding “mechanics” from the books, and it sometimes led to dire consequences.
  • In the fifth movie, both Death Eaters and Order members flew around during the Battle of the Ministry like nobody’s business.
  • In the books, unsupported flight wasn’t believed to even be possible by most, and when Voldemort demonstrated it, it shook even Kingsley to the core.

Lord Voldemort possessed many powerful abilities that scared the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix’ members alike. All of them were addressed more closely in the books; the movies didn’t have the time to do so. Unfortunately, the Dark Lord’s most terrifying and unnatural power went completely ignored in the movies, leaving many fans completely ignorant to its meaning!

Harry Potter Movies Gave Fancy Powers to Everyone

The Harry Potter movies had several questionable choices in terms of magic. On one hand, most spells turned into blatant “wizarding bullets” in the latest installments; on the other hand, the directors still wanted cool cinematic shots which gun-wands didn’t provide anymore. Instead of making the spells meaningful and distinct again, they opted for the other solution: giving everyone fancy-looking powers.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the Battle of the Ministry looked decisively nothing like it was described in the books. Where there were sophisticated duels between powerful wizards, there were people-balls of light and dark randomly flying around. They had that cool glow and smoke around them and looked amazing — but they went completely against the Wizarding World’s lore.

Lord Voldemort’s Scariest Power Was Completely Ruined

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The thing is that in the books, unsupported flight was the rarest magical talent. It was so rare that only two people throughout the series knew how to do it: Lord Voldemort and Severus Snape. Even Albus Dumbledore wasn’t capable of such wizarding feats, let alone a bunch of random Death Eaters and Order members!

Voldemort’s ability to fly came as a massive surprise to the members of the Order of the Phoenix. It genuinely terrified even the mightiest of them, including Kingsley Shacklebolt who was shaken by that revelation. His unsupported flight revealed to everyone just how powerful, skilled, and unpredictable the Dark Lord truly was.

But for movie fans, this fact went completely unnoticed as Voldemort’s scariest ability was rendered virtually useless. The overwhelming menace of the Dark forces controlled by their main enemy didn’t impress the movie Order because in their weird reality, any idiot could fly around with a shiny trail matching their moral inclination.