Harry Potter Movies Robbed Us Of The Most Crucial Wizarding World Part

Harry Potter Movies Robbed Us Of The Most Crucial Wizarding World Part
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The adaptation just didn't get it right.

The foundation of every fantasy world is magic. And what is magic without spells, wands, or grimoires of witchcraft? In the world of Harry Potter – the most famous wizard in history – the attributes of wizardry occupy the most important place. Well, at least, in the books.

Let's put aside the praise for the Harry Potter adaptation for a moment and talk about what the movie franchise missed. In the Harry Potter books, spells and learning them play a huge role in the lives of young wizards, but this part of the story was almost completely absent from the films.

In the world of Harry Potter, magic involves the use of spells – usually a wizard says a few magic words while waving a wand or pointing it at the object of the spell.

However, spellcasting is not a mechanical act: the wizard must understand the essence of magical manipulation, know its subtleties, and master wizardry techniques.

For example, nonverbal spells require that the magic words be spoken to yourself – otherwise, they simply will not work. Did you know that? No? Because it wasn't even once mentioned in the movie adaptations.

In the books, every spell was explained in detail, and while all that information obviously couldn't be squeezed into the movies due to the limited running time, its absence robbed us of an important part of the story.

In the original source, the use of certain spells revealed the characters who used them. Every fan remembers the Cruciatus torture spell. It requires not only considerable experience and power, but also a special kind of soul.

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To use the curse, you must point the wand at the victim and say the word Crucio. Also, the full effect is only possible if the wizard sincerely enjoys the torment of the victim, who is in excruciating pain.

This detail is not only informative, but also makes Bellatrix Lestrange, who was known for her frequent use of the Cruciatus, a much sinister and deeper villain.

It is also the set of spells that Voldemort and Harry use that highlights the contrast between them. Harry refuses to use Unforgivable Curses when he has the chance, while the Dark Lord throws Avada Kedavra left and right.

By the way, in Aramaic, Avada means "I kill," Kedavra means "as I said," so together it can mean: "I kill with words." Which you probably didn't know either, because it wasn't mentioned in the movies.