Has Marvel Just Hinted On Moon Knight's Future As An Avenger?

Image credit: Marvel Studios

'Moon Knight' is certainly a pretty dark show by MCU standards, exploring mental illness and excessive violence. Despite that, it looks like Oscar Isaac's unconventional hero can eventually find his place on Marvel's biggest superhero team.

Taking place after 'Avengers: Endgame' events, Disney+ latest MCU endeavor feels strangely stand-alone compared to all recent superhero (or antihero, yes, Loki, I'm looking at you) shows. Yet, some Easter eggs still managed to sneak into 'Moon Knight' storyline. The most promising of them is certainly a clue concerning Steven Grant's possible future with other MCU's superheroes and supervillains.

In the series' episode 1, Isaac's character can be seen listening to a tape called 'Staying Awake', that repeatedly asks him one question – "Imagine being in the story you're reading. Is there an exciting chapter you'd like to be a part of?"

While the sequence can be interpreted as Grant's wish to join gods of ancient Egypt, one can turn it around and suggest that the "exciting chapter" is of course the Marvel's one.

It still feels like a long-shot prediction, but the idea behind Moon Knight's involvement in Marvel's flagman team is undoubtedly there, given his known comics affiliation to both West Coast and Secret Avengers.

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