Having Won Golden Globe, Is HotD Officially Better Than GoT Now?

Having Won Golden Globe, Is HotD Officially Better Than GoT Now?
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No, the comparison never stops.

On Tuesday, House of the Dragon did what its mother show, Game of Thrones, never managed to do — won Best Drama Series at Golden Globes, and immediately had its fans wondering whether the big award makes the prequel officially better than the original.

Game of Thrones was nominated for Best Drama Series five times but never took the award home. House of the Dragon did it on the first try — but still, not everyone is ready to proclaim the original show inferior to the prequel.

"Do you just willingly [...] ignore that GoT won hundreds of awards in its runtime/at its peak? HotD objectively if you just look at the awards isnt even near GoT yet," Redditor Jettrail argued.

However, many people just don't understand why the two shows are being constantly compared, as if they can't be two separately good things. After all, Game of Thrones is a finished series, while House of the Dragon is just getting started. Besides, the original show has enough awards in its portfolio to somehow survive without a Golden Globes Best Drama Series nod.

Others questioned how House of the Dragon even managed to land the award, given that it competed with shows like Better Call Saul, Severance, Ozark, and The Crown.

But prequel fans are always ready to defend their favorite show.

"I think HOTD manages to delve deeper into the psychology of its characters and their evolution than GOT was able to do in a single season. And several moments of this first HOTD season managed to move me and touch me more than I had been in GOT first season. And for me the writing, the dialogues and the acting of this first season have nothing to envy to GOT season 1," Redditor Fil_77 explained.

House of the Dragon is heading into its second season, with the shooting set to kick off in March, but the premiere date remains to be announced.