Hayden Christensen Ready For More Star Wars Projects: Will Disney Have Him?

Hayden Christensen Ready For More Star Wars Projects: Will Disney Have Him?
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The long-overdue recognition from fans of the franchise made the actor consider a full return to the spotlight.


  • Hayden Christensen 's debut in the Star Wars franchise was initially met with a lot of hate from fans for a number of reasons
  • Over the years, however, their opinion of his portrayal of Anakin has changed significantly, leading them to celebrate the actor's recent reprise of the role
  • The successful Star Wars comeback seems to have boosted the actor's confidence, as he is now ready to appear in more projects in the franchise and more

Hayden Christensen's bumpy acting career has certainly been interesting, as his arguably most famous role as Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels perfectly illustrates how the public's perception of certain things can change drastically over the years.

When Episodes II and III were released in 2002 and 2005, respectively, the actor faced a huge backlash from Star Wars fans who didn't appreciate his portrayal of the young version of one of the most iconic villains in film history.

Many of them refused to believe that the troubled Anakin Skywalker would become the formidable Darth Vader, and the poorly written dialogue along with some questionable story moments only further tarnished the impression of the actor's performance.

While starring in such a huge franchise brought him instant worldwide fame, Christensen didn't have much luck with other projects, which turned out to be incredibly hit and miss.

This led him to take a break from acting, appearing in only a handful of roles over the course of many years, despite the fact that the most acclaimed films Christensen starred in, such as Life As A House (2001) and Shattered Glass (2003), clearly proved the actor's talent.

Fans' Opinion Of Christensen's Acting Skills Changed Drastically Over The Years

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Over the years, however, the once-hated Star Wars prequel trilogy came to be much more appreciated by fans of the franchise, who also significantly warmed to Hayden's portrayal of Anakin.

Many fans celebrated when he reprised the role in the TV shows Obi-Wan Kenobi ( 2022) and Ahsoka ( 2023), proving that his acting skills had nothing to do with the poor reception of the prequels, as his performances as both Anakin and Vader were actually spectacular.

It seems that the long overdue recognition from fans has boosted the actor's confidence, as during his recent appearance on the Dagobah Dispatch podcast, Christensen revealed that his appearances in the Star Wars shows have "reignited a spark" in him.

According to Hayden, he enjoyed his return to the franchise two decades later and would love to appear in more upcoming Star Wars projects as he is very grateful to finally be back.

Will Hayden Christensen Return to Acting After New Star Wars Projects?

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Moreover, he now has a greater passion to "work more" after such a long break from acting, hinting that we may soon see the resurrection of his career if he finds the right project to star in.

Fans are more than eager to see the actor return to the big screen, even outside of the Star Wars franchise.

Curiously, some of them point out that it could be a perfect opportunity for a sequel to 2008's Jumper, another one of his films that was initially destroyed by both critics and fans, only to get more love years later.

No official confirmations have been made yet, but given the actor's willingness to give his career a second chance, we may see him in more Star Wars and other projects soon.

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