Hazbin Hotel Has Nothing on This 100%-Rated Gem from 2001

Hazbin Hotel Has Nothing on This 100%-Rated Gem from 2001
Image credit: Prime Video, Nickelodeon

If you enjoy Hazbin Hotel, you will love this overlooked series from two decades ago.

Don’t we mortals just love all things heaven and hell? We have so many stories, movies, and shows about them and still can’t get enough! 2019’s Hazbin Hotel immediately became a worldwide-popular series thanks to its compelling characters, chuckle-worthy and often gritty sense of humor, and great animations.

If you’re among the good folks who have watched Hazbin Hotel one too many times and can’t seem to scratch the itch with its single season, worry not: we have a solution for you.

Hazbin Hotel Is Loved by the Audience

Overpopulation is an issue, and we’re not trying to get political here: we’re talking about Hell. So many sinners and so little space… No wonder angels have to purge its population once a year to make room for more!

But Lucifer ’s daughter hates to see such cruel approach and decides to change it: she opens Hazbin Hotel, a rehab for sinners that aims to change them for the better and open them a road to Heaven.

The most frustrating and annoying thing about Hazbin Hotel is its length: despite the show’s great reviews and positive reception, it still only has one season. And that’s almost five years after its premiere! Thankfully, there’s a great animated show with a similar sense of humor and style with twice as many seasons. Yes, two seasons.

Invader Zim Beats Hazbin Hotel Anytime

Forget Lucifer’s daughter; welcome an alien invader! Zim might not be the brightest bulb when it comes to invasions, but he’s ambitious and ruthless. Exiled to Earth, he scraps together quite a campaign to doom the planet, making his bosses proud; humans love Zim and ignore his nemesis, the only person who sees through his lies.

Despite its respectable age (the series premiered in 2001!), Invader Zim holds a stellar rating on Rotten Tomatoes: the show boasts 100 and 90% Critic and Audience Scores against Hazbin Hotel’s 79 and 87%, respectively.

It’s an amazing series that largely resembles everyone’s favorite Hell show, so definitely give it a go before binging through Hazbin Hotel for the tenth time this year.

You can watch Invader Zim on Paramount Plus and Prime Video.