Henry Cavill Would Be Perfect in HotD Season 2, And This Fan Art Proves It

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It looks like the "Henry-Cavill-Would-Make-a-Perfect…" trend will go on forever.

We've seen a pencil sketch of the Geralt of Rivia actor as Hercules for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showing off his naked torso with a strap and his signature Golden Mace attached to the belt.

We've had a chance to imagine what Cavill would look like as Wolverine with his iconic claws and a scar on his face. But if that's not enough for you, take a look at this!

Inspired by the rumors that Cavill might be joined by Elizabeth Olsen for House of the Dragon, artist 83pixelstudios posted an image on Instagram in September that shows the duo as Westerosi. In the HoTD Season 2 concept art, the stars are wearing the iconic Westerosi gear with the flames and a dragon in the background.

The rumors that both actors could be cast in HoTD started to circulate in September, but Henry Cavill brushed them aside and told Josh Horowitz that starring in the Game of Thrones prequel was out of the question.

"I enjoy that enormously. I think the writing is fantastic," Cavill said of the show. "I think it would be cool to be in Westeros. I really do. I don't think there is a place for me in there though."

To some fans, the Westerosi garb looked like Geralt's usual outfit – after all, it takes a keen eye to tell the difference between the Witcher pauldrons and the Westerosi plate armor, although Geralt's armor generally shows off more abs. Cavill's hair is also done in the witcher fashion.

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Some of the GoT fans were clearly impressed by the art and started an exchange about who the duo could possibly play in House of The Dragon – Aegon and Rhaenyra? Or maybe Rhaegar and Melisandre? Why not Daemon and Alicent? Others said it was only a good idea if the ultimate goal was to ruin the series. "That would be a no for me," said one commenter, adding that both actors are great, but they're superheroes first, and what on earth does a Superman actor have to do with HoTD!

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Whatever happens next, we love Henry anyway.

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