Here's How Cap Basically Proved Iron Man's Point in 'Avengers: Civil War'

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Some debates just never seem to end.

There is a good old tradition among the MCU fans: they occasionally flock to Twitter to reignite the classic "Team Iron Man or Team Cap" debate.

'Avengers: Civil War' appeared to have divided fans into two camps forever, even though the division is clear only when someone brings up the movie and the conflict between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark once again.

This time, it was about a tweet that took a dig at those siding with Iron Man, with Tony Stark fans immediately arriving to explain their point once again. And, according to them, Iron Man's point was proven by none other than… Captain America himself.

"Cap was only against the whole government thing to protect Bucky. Let's be honest and to me he proved Iron Man's point because he knew Bucky was out there killing innocent people (i.e Tony Parents) and didn't bring rightful justice because they're friends." – @SecretworldofF1

Let's take a little journey back to the time when it was about the two ostensible leaders of the superhero team having squabbles, and not trying to, you know, fix the universe that has been effectively halved by a Mad Titan. The conflict between Captain America and Iron Man was about how the former was against any restrictions put on superheroes when they try their best to save the world, and the latter was all in for accountability and even government control.

However, Cap quickly went rogue for the sake of his friend Bucky who was being framed for international terrorism, and Tony ended up abandoning the Sokovia Accords – a deal that was supposed to establish a government watchdog over the Avengers – to make peace with Steve and do the right thing.

It all went wrong when Stark found out that, despite being innocent when it comes to a deadly explosion in the UN, Bucky was the one to kill his parents, albeit while under Hydra's control.

The debate between Team Cap and Team Iron Man was never not complicated.

"Cap was against it because in the movie prior he saw a government agency easily infiltrated by HYDRA and how that same organization turned into what he fought in WW2.(Tony also didn't care about the accords). Either way, Bucky was under HYDRAs control. He was innocent," – @SJbrigante

Still, it seems that Team Iron Man is nowhere near giving up on their fav – just like their "rivals".

"Tony didn't care about the accords but he cared about accountability. You can't go around killing people with no consequences. Cap didn't do anything with Wanda when she killed all those people as well. Tony is right in the sense that there has to be consequences for these things." – @SecretworldofF1

Divided we fall, huh?

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