Here's How Jared Padalecki Сould Join 'The Boys' Alongside Jensen Ackles

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Let's just have Eric Kripke transferring the entire 'Supernatural' cast to 'The Boys' because he can.

Ever since Jensen Ackles was confirmed as Eric Kripke's Soldier Boy in 'The Boys', many people have been entertaining the idea of his on-screen brother Jared Padalecki to sign up as well.

Recently, Kripke has indicated that he is on board with the idea, saying that he would put Jared on the show "in a heartbeat". Now that Ackles seems to have fit really well with Soldier Boy, some fans thought it would be somewhat funny to have Padalecki joining in as, say, some kind of a supe dubbed Demon. This would be a nod ironic enough for 'The Boys', given that Jared's character in 'Supernatural' was a monster hunter.

Others have suggested the role of Tech Knight for Padalecki, and there were even fans who rallied for him to try and play some sort of a Russian superhero – which, given the role of the Russians in season 3, could happen in theory.

However, the majority of fans (and that includes both fans of Padalecki and 'The Boys') are not that enthusiastic about the idea of Jared joining Ackles in the show.

"As a former fan of Supernatural and in all due respect to Jared Padalecki, I just hope it won't happen. Not only would it be too on the nose to have both the Winchesters on "The Boys" but Jared honestly just would not fit with the amazing cast this show has. I'm not saying his acting is terrible but he's just not that good," one fan argued on Reddit.

It seems that Padalecki's acting skills are indeed considered by some people as not enough for 'The Boys".

"If he does join, I hope he doesn’t last long like Supersonic since he isn’t that good an actor, he is CW level." – /GaryKing1413.

Others argue that it's not even about his acting, but rather about lack of "edge". For many fans, Padalecki is just too wholesome to be signed up for a show as controversial as 'The Boys'.

Besides, Jared has indicated that he has little interest in acting, now more focused on exec producing. He is currently busy with 'Walker', The CW TV show about a Texas ranger who returned home after a lengthy undercover assignment. On March 22, 2022, The CW renewed the series for a third season which is scheduled to premiere on October 6, 2022. What is more, Padalecki is going to be even busier with producing a prequel series titled 'Walker: Independence', that is currently in development.

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