Here's How Jensen Ackles Landed the Role of Soldier Boy

Here's How Jensen Ackles Landed the Role of Soldier Boy
Image credit: Legion-Media

Hint: it was pretty easy.

Soldier Boy is one of the most anticipated characters to appear in season 3 of 'The Boys ', not least because of who portrays him: Jensen Ackles, who we knew and loved as Dean Winchester in 'Supernatural '.

And even though his new character is way less of a noble hero, 'Supernatural' has had a lot to do with how Ackles got the role. Speaking with GQ, Jensen revealed that the show's executive producer Erik Kripke (who also developed 'Supernatural') did not have to go far to find his perfect Soldier Boy.

"He said, 'I know that there are some actors that the studio and network and producers have in mind, but I'd be willing to go to bat with you if you want to do that'," Ackles recalled. "And I was like, 'How big of a bat do you need?'"

Ackles was eager to jump in on 'The Boys', particularly because he didn't want to be "a one-trick pony". Despite his immense love for 'Supernatural' and Dean Winchester, he believes he's "got something else up [his] sleeve".

Now, after saving people and hunting things for well over 15 years, Ackles will have to arm himself with a shield and put on a mask in order to basically diss Marvel's Captain America in his own satirical take on Soldier Boy. Instead of standing up for your family and riding Impala, Ackles' character is most likely to pose threat to others himself now.

And we will definitely enjoy watching that starting June 3, exclusively on Prime Video.