Here's What Fans Want 'Stranger Things' Spin-Off to Be About

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With the Duffer brothers teasing something totally unexpected from the 'Stranger Things' spin-off, fans try and offer as many expectations as they possibly can.

Even though Netflix is yet to officially confirm there is a 'Stranger Things' spin-off, the showrunners could not have made it clearer: the spin-off is here, and it might essentially be anything the Duffer brothers want it to be.

'Stranger Things' has been a major hit, arguably one of Netflix' most successful projects, so the creative freedom Matt and Ross Duffer enjoy is enviable. Fans, clearly not ready to say goodbye to 'Stranger Things' for the coming years, are now flocking Twitter threads with their ideas for the upcoming spin-off.

One of the main expectations is that the focus of the spin-off will naturally shift from Eleven and other popular characters to those who fans feel are more sidelined.

"El is a main character in Stranger Things, I doubt the spin-off would be about her. Usually spin-offs are about side characters with an entertaining or lighthearted plot. I’d guess Steve and Dustin or Robin." – @cassbackwards.

For instance, many want Robin included in some fashion, as well as Steve.

"Nancy and Steve spinoff where they will be exposing similar Hawkins labs and experiments, add Robin and Dustin in the mix and you get a hit spin off," – @StanJNatasha.

Some people believe that the 'Stranger Things' universe could clearly use some light-hearted atmosphere and less tension – something that could be well executed in a comedic spin-off.

"Steve and Robin series where they are coworkers and they get fired at the end of every season and have to find new jobs," – @possiblyphoenix.

The Duffer brothers have teased that the spin-off is going to be something that nobody expects – not just fans, but also Netflix itself. The shooting dates, as well as the date of the premiere, remains unknown as of now, likely to be revealed at some point after the release of season 4 volume 2 on July 1.

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