Here's What Fans Want to See The Most in 'Daredevil: Born Again'

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Charlie Cox's beloved lawyer is officially returning. But that's not enough, apparently.

With 'Daredevil: Born Again' on its way back to the screens of Marvel fans, people are looking forward to the MCU trying to not only innovate the character but also keep the good stuff from previous adaptations.

Naturally, one of the biggest demands was to bring Charlie Cox back in the Daredevil suit, and Marvel lived up to the expectations. Still, many fans want more old cast members to also return in 'Born Again' – as well as they expect the story to continue right where it ended in season 3 of the Netflix show.

Still, Marvel's adaptation has to also fit in the MCU lore. One fan on Reddit suggested a perfect way to blend things in.

"I think the best way to go is Hell's Kitchen post-Endgame. Explain why Wilson Fisk was the way he was in Hawkeye, and why he's free and doing bad shit and Matt is letting it happen. What happened to Vanessa is the biggest question right now, and maybe in She-Hulk or in Echo we will get the answer, and Daredevil is just the continuation of that," one of the Daredevil fans wrote.

Some fans are cautious about Marvel's show having as many as 18 episodes, voicing concerns that it might mean that the first season is going to be way too overloaded with filler episodes. However, it also largely depends on the length of the episodes.

"My first thought when I heard 18 episodes was that they're going to use it to give each of the main characters from the Netflix shows their own guest appearances. Instead of them all getting their own shows too, they'll just have Matt teaming up with Jessica, Luke, Frank, and possibly even Danny for an episode or two," a fan suggested.

Finally, what would a Marvel show be without a good cameo? It turns out that many fans really want to see a certain web slinger popping by.

"If we rent Spider-Man, have Daredevil meet Spider-Man and have a “have we met?” moment. Or just another run in with Matt and Peter." – /creativeotter

'Daredevil: Born Again' is scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus in early 2024.

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