Here's What HBO's Missing Out On, According to 'Our Flag Means Death' Fans

Here's What HBO's Missing Out On, According to 'Our Flag Means Death' Fans
Image credit: Legion-Media

HBO Max's pirate show is still waiting to be renewed for a second season, but fans are already convinced that the streaming giant is missing out on a great way to make top dollar.

Taika Waititi-produced series came out earlier this year and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of fans eagerly awaiting the long-awaited confirmation of a second season renewal. Although the beloved motley crew of LGBTQ+ pirates are still waiting for HBO to respond to fan requests, many Twitter users are still dedicating art, posts and fan theories to their favorite actors.

So, a recently released BTS photo from the filming of the first season, detailing the crew's struggles with shooting with natural light, caused a huge reaction, with thousands of fans praising the creative team for making 'Our Flag Means Death ' as great as it is.

And, most curiously, many were interested in a baseball cap spotted on one of the crew members, which featured an eye-patched bear on it. Fans were quick to point out how stylish it looked, urging HBO to release it as merchandise. And with fans absolutely loving the logo, the network can put it on a range of merchandise, from cups and shorts to eye patches and pirate crutches.

If HBO listens to the fans, who knows, maybe they'll just give the green light for a season of this beloved series thanks to great merchandise sales.