Here's What 'The Flash' Fans Really Think About Ezra Miller's Apology

Here's What 'The Flash' Fans Really Think About Ezra Miller's Apology
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While some of the DCEU fans applaud Ezra's decision to issue public apology and seek professional help, others are not so sure that all of it isn't just some PR stint with Warner Bros. doing some long-needed damage control.

The very timing of Ezra Miller 's public apology feels a bit too convenient to some of the DCEU fans, who see the situation not as "a person admitting they are in need of treatment due to intense crisis", but as "the studio forcing the actor to address their behavior in an attempt to save the movie". The fate of 'The Flash ' indeed hung by a thread, with Warner Bros. reportedly deciding against shelving the movie indefinitely – but clearly needing to do something to distance itself from all the Ezra Miller scandals.

Some fans now think that 'The Flash', amid Ezra Miller controversy and despite their apology, is now beyond saving, with the actor and their actions effectively making the movie unmarketable. There's even a question of Warner Bros. being able to sue the actor for lost revenue or something being discussed on Reddit.

"It'd really depend on the contract they signed with him, but I wouldn't be surprised if they put some kind of clause in that stipulates that he has to compensate them for some amount (likely not even close to the film's budget) if the film is cancelled because of his actions. If so, they could sue him to get that compensation." – Nagrom7

To say that some fans are not that sympathetic towards one of the DCEU biggest stars is an understatement at this point. They feel like Ezra's public apology is merely a stint to gain some sympathy from the general public, and the actor, in fact, isn't keen on taking responsibility for their actions.

"Just another entitled public figure getting attention and treatment for things normal people would not get the chance." – /mrbriandavidanderson

It's not just Ezra Miller that came under fire after issuing that apology, but also the studio execs too, as fans see them largely as "the rich backers of his movies that are getting special treatment" – with the actor getting said "special treatment" just by proximity.

Lots of fans agree that Ezra Miller "ruined" the movie and they now have no intention to actually watch it. No amount of positive PR now is going to be able to save 'The Flash', they argue. As for the character's future in the DCEU? Well, fans are certain Ezra's not going to be the one to play Barry Allen anymore.

"WB is going to drag them through some public statements and at best a few couple softball interviews just long enough to get the movie released and then immediately wash their hands." – /leastlyharmful

'The Flash' is still scheduled for release on June 23, 2023 following multiple production delays.